Sponsorship Transparency

Hardware design, manufacturing, and electronics components are expensive. Sponsorships help to support and realize the projects on this blog. I have a reasonably strong dislike for advertisement networks, so I believe responsible sponsorships with transparent disclosure are an acceptable compromise.

Each blog post or article that has some kind of sponsorship associated with it (e.g. PCB manufacturing) will contain a note at the beginning. In the interest of journalistic integrity, I will publish my own untainted opinions, and disclose any edits that happened afterwards in collaboration with the sponsor. Still, the absolute control over what is published remains completely in my hands.

Obviously, companies don’t sponsor projects purely out of the goodness of their hearts. Supported blog posts and GitHub documentations contain links to company websites, and the widget column on this blog displays their logos and links to the company websites as well. I chose to self-host these advertisements, because I do not want to subject the readers to any form of online tracking.

Thank you for understanding. If you are interested in supporting my work and / or willing to offer a sponsorship, please contact me.