The Reclaimed Knife

A few years ago, I owned a “credit-card sized foldable pocket knife” – until it broke. But the blade was good, so I decided to make a new handle. The original knife ( is made from plastic, and will break some day due to constant folding and unfolding. The Handle A friend of mine had some off-cuts from their cherry… Read More →

A Paper Christmas Star

Just in time for the season, I designed and made a nice decorative christmas star from paper, using my laser cutter. First, as always, I drew the design in CAD. This time, Fusion 360. Then, I laser cut the design. Each body needed 3 DIN-A4 pages of paper. After everything was cut, I assembled the star using some quality glue.… Read More →

The Steampunk Wristwatch

Recently, I visited an Anime and Cosplay convention. Although I rarely watch any Anime, I do enjoy crafting costumes and in particular steampunk-esque things. Of course, I could not let the opportunity pass. So I decided to dress up as a steampunk gentleman. Nixie Tubes I always wanted to build something with Nixie tubes. Those are cathode vacuum tubes, which… Read More →