Receiving NOAA APT Weather Maps

After building a satellite antenna, I was able to receive and decode the weather maps sent by three US-based legacy satellites operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).


As mentioned, I used my own antenna. To get the signal into my PC, I used the excellent and low-cost RTL-SDR stick V3 by My base station consisted of the following parts:


To decode and process the incoming signal, I used a number of programs on my Windows PC:

Setting the software up is a bit finicky, when in doubt refer to the excellent rtl-sdr blog at, or to


The tracking software should start recording and decoding of the incoming signal automatically, based on the calculated position of the satellite.

The Gpredict software tracking NOAA-19.

After being triggered by the tracking software, SDR# then decodes the incoming signal.

SDR# interface, playing back a previous recording.

Finally, the WXToImg software takes the demodulated audio stream coming from SDR# and converts it to images.

WxToImg displaying a decoded signal.

Video Demonstration

I recorded the whole process into a video.


Here are some pictures I received:

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