Receiving Meteor LRPT Weather Maps

After much success receiving weather maps from the NOAA satellites, I wanted to receive more satellites. While the NOAA satellites are US-based and are relatively old, the METEOR-M2 are of a more recent make, operated by Russia.

However, the LRPT signals sent by the Meteor satellites are digital and somewhat harder to decode. But thanks to some ambitious russian friends, decoding software exists.


In terms of hardware, I used the same setup as for receiving NOAA satellites.


The tracking setup is the same as for NOAA satellites, but the decoding software is different:

Again, for setup, refer to the excellent tutorials at or Especially MeteorGIS is tricky to operate.

Sorry for the janky download links, when in doubt check the linked blogs for alternatives.


Again, similar to the NOAA decoding, the tracking software starts the decoding in SDR#. The QPSK demodulator plugin then sends a TCP data stream to the LRPT decoding software.

QPSK demodulator and LRPT decoder working hand in hand.
Image source:

After the decoding is complete, the MeteorGIS software unstretches, patches and projects the images. This is a terminal application and execution takes quite a long time.

Video Demonstration

Again, I recorded the whole process into a video.


Here are some of the higher quality images I received:

Unprojected, true-color image.

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