Pimp My 3D Printer

Adventures in tuning my Anet-A8 3D Printer.

About a year ago, I purchased a rather inexpensive “DIY” 3D printer kit directly from the country that sells everything; China. My model of choice was the “Anet-A8” printer, due to its low price and big online support community.

Not only the price and support led to my decision, but also the potential extensibility inherent to any DIY kit. I have compiled a list of changes concerning my printer, in the hope that someone find then useful. My main optimization targets are usability, quality of prints and reduction of fire hazards.

Base model:

Mechanical modifications:

Electrical modifications:

Software modifications:

In conclusion, the Anet A8 is a great entrance-level 3D printer considering its low price, but some upgrades are definitely needed – especially the fire hazard reduction ones, like installing MOSFETs and a PSU fuse, soldering the heatbed wires and upgrading the firmware. The Raspberry Pi provides a convenient way of accessing the printer, but I do recommend choosing a recent and fast model.

Image source: banggood.com

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