Building a Laser Cutter: Part 5 – Bearing Upgrades

After two years of usage, the x carriage of my laser cutter became rather wobbly. Wobbling! My old nemesis! What should I do?

First, I tried to use different bearings. I bought some DryLin PTFE self-lubricating plastic bearings:

But they were no use in my configuration. They tended to bind, and what’s worse, were a lot more flexible and thus wobblier.

More Hardware

So instead, I opted to buy some longer linear bearings and the fitting mounting clamps. My dear trusty shot at does not seem to sell to private custumors anymore that easily, so I purchased the parts from, a greek shop.

I had to drill the aluminium channels so that the bearing could fit though the holes.

Bye Bye Wobble!

Finally, the laser cuts perfectly straight lines and perfectly round circles. Sub-millimeter precision.

New long bearings and dual mounting clamps.

It took some adjustments, because the metal guide rods had to be perfectly in parallel, but in the end it was totally worth the effort!

You can find the other parts of this series here.

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